About the Seedling Assessment Program(Sap)

The Seedling Assessment Program is an electronic data collection system used by silviculture surveyors in British Columbia. It was first developed in 2000 .  Sap is a Windows Ms Access application which is used to  perform Silviculture surveys and the field data collector works on several  Android devices.

The Seedling Assessment Program allows the user to to load an Android  device .  with the survey parameters then, in the field collect the survey data. At end of the day the data is uploaded to a windows PC where the data is analyzed and reports generated. The Sap program also produces special export files that are compatible with all the major legacy databases including Phoenix and LRM flavors (Genus and TFM).

The Seedling Assessment Program allows the user to do the basic survey analysis in the field including statistical analysis. Sap also allows for multiple users to work on the the same survey at the same time.